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11, Nov 2022

How do you find joy in something you’ve hated for 25 years? 😵‍💫 Practice, technical practice - it’s something most of classical musicians hate.Correct me, if I’m wrong, but I seriously don’t know many, who do. most of us take it as the necessary evil, that we have to go through in order to excel. But after 25 years, from which I’ve spent the last 15 years trying to connect my instrument to different kinds of music other than classical - I realised it’s finally the time to reevaluate, how I practice. not being in school, not having a teacher, who tells you, how you’re supposed to do it, not having a mum shouting from the next room, I realised it’s my time to build a foundation of something actually solid for me to rely on. So yesterday, I looped Bach. And it felt so good, so much so, that I started laughing out loud. I never knew practice could be this much fun. I intend to explore that. So in the next couple of weeks I’m going to share pieces of famous classical music combined with the art of improvisation and looping. Because thats me and my way to practice ❤️ Care to share, who you practice? Would love to hear about it, inspire each other! ✨ #tereziekovalova #musicpractice #musician #musicianslife #musicislife #cello #celloplayer #cellist #cellolove #celloloop #cellolooping

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